Monday, June 12, 2006

Nothing moments…

Some of the best moments in life come from seemingly nothing situations. Take last night, while I was a sleep (probably dreaming about snipin’ Hitler – read previous blog entry), my girl wanders in late – wait, I mean she drunkingly stumbles in late and plots herself upon my slumbered body. I drowsily open one eye followed by “LM?” – I have found an even shorter abbreviation to “JLM” – “Baby, I Love You.” With that, I am instantly flushed with memories of how or why THIS all began. Everything becomes so clear and I know in my life I have done something right.
For me, it’s the nothing moments when your farting around with your GF, play fighting and laughing so hard you both have to stop and catch your next breath joyfully hoping your appendix stop rattling inside. And then it’s that moment after laughing and the panted breathing when you disappear in the bulbs of her eyes and say in reflex, “Baby, I Love You.” It’s how I know everything in my life is all right.

To the girl that has a million and one worries… don’t stress, it’s all nothing.

Friday, June 02, 2006

What are you trying to tell me?

I’ve always believed dreams to be symbolic metaphors for hidden innuendos for conscious life meanings. A lot of the time I dream that I’m commanding a covert team in WWII. We dig well underneath the war happenings above and work seamlessly, knowing each task at hand. It always ends with my team surrounding Hitler’s bunker with guns aimed at him as he eats his morning breakfast (Sucka' never knew what hit him). Through my sight, I shoot… I never see the finish though… I seem to drift somewhere else in random thoughts.

In reality, I take this as a metaphor meaning what ever it is I do, I want to be working in a precision-like group where our goals are one in the same. We can rely on each other, trusting each person will complete their tasks. It also means, I never want to fail my team and while the battle is on the surface, I’m always trying to find another avenue to hit the target.
This is, of course, pure speculation of a dream.

My most memorable dream was when I was nineteen. Like all charged up hoping to be sexually active teenage boys, I dreamt about an angel of a girl. One of those girls that you would walk ten miles over glass just to look at her once; someone who charms all your thoughts and ruins your daily or lack-there-of daily work.
In my gaze, I spoke one single sentence to her in my dream. I remember waking up and shaking my dad at 3:00 am asking him to translate it in Chinese (I’m a banana, yellow on the outside, white on the inside; never got a hold of the whole Chinese spelling thing). Three days later (it took three days to find another Chinese person to translate; didn’t trust my droggy old man spelling the right characters), I tattooed that single sentence to my arm.

I promised myself that I wouldn't say this sentence to anyone but my wife on my wedding night. Even after 7 years of going out with the most incredible girl, I still have not told her. I imagine she will be the one I tell… I just hope it still holds the same intensity as it did nearly 10 years ago. How time flies and you can still keep a promise to yourself. The power of the mind and a single dream are extraordinarily never ordinary.