Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Be with family and don't be afraid to eat way too much turkey... It'll help you make a better new years resolution to stay fit.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"You can have all you want when you recognize all you need is within you."

Maybe it's urban living or how complicated we can make our lives but sometimes life feels like a continuous boundless search. A search to find the perfect house, perfect project, perfect couch to match that perfect rug you just bought. Waiting for perfect is exhausting for the most part so I've been a fool at times and jumped in two feet and a heart beat in the most unperfect of moments. Truth is, I've had epic failures on both being a perfectionists and random spontaneity but I've also learned the most. I'm not one to give words of wisdom but I've come to the conclusion that no matter what path you decide to search, it's always going to be a moment worth living.

I'm probably more reminding myself than anyone else. Life can seem random one second and utterly too scheduled the next; we can have clamoring in our heads pulling us in all sorts of directions - sometimes we just have to sit and listen until all that noise becomes one voice, your voice. That's when an answer will come; when you know you can have all you want when you recognize all you need is within you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CASO - Computer Animation Studios of Ontario

For the past two years I've had the pleasure of sitting on the Board of CASO to represent our Industry and be apart of the community at large. The Board consists of all studio owners and executives alike with over 250 artists to smaller twenty person shops. It's never easy making money through artistic creativity nor is it easy balancing the need to express creative output with a strained budget. Listening to studios find new ways to reach higher levels of quality while keeping costs low is an all too familiar regime. Studio owners want the best for their artists and their clients. As the manner in which people digest content through a whole host of platforms, studio owners are constantly changing they way they do business. It is the speed of change that I feel CASO is most important. It's developing a community where owners and executives can share ideas and reach out to more people, clients and their employees. Ontario has the best in software development, world-class education system and seasoned professionals in all aspects in VFX and Animation. With the support of the Ontario Government, Sponsors and our members, I'm excited to act as President of CASO for the upcoming year and create strategic initiatives with the new Board of Directors.

There's much to do and I know all of us are up for the challenge.

Wes Lui
President, CASO

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Crazy Summer

As the city wakes up a little colder I couldn't help but look through my summer photos. It's been a busy year of renovations, loss in the family, addition of a niece, watching hockey at the Olympics in Van-city, drinking Caipirinha's in Sao Paulo, Brazil, talking about Ontario's Animation and VFX Industry in Seoul Korea... From cottage get-togethers to one of my best friends weddings to the late night weekends... And who can forget singing O'Canada at G20, this summer has been eventful.
From Sky diving to touching "double rainbows," to all white boat cruises and cruising around in the Camero, there's only a few things missing in my life: A Feature Film. The hockey, the tennis, The snowboarding, and the golf may keep me happy but producing a Feature is a dream... and who would we be if we didn't follow our dreams. COCO, here we come!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Falling 200kms/hr from 13000 ft. for over 50 seconds - Scratch that off my bucket list

There's always the dreaded "Moment of Truth" whenever you decide to chase a dream or face your fears. Sky diving was both a dream and a fear. It's not that I'm afraid of heights but its one of those things you say you'll do when you have time but never really ends up happening. I've got so many "I want to do when I have time," bucket list type of things. But reaching altitudes where oxygen masks are almost necessary and when you spread your arms, the air rushing against your body, that feeling of flying makes you realize chasing your dreams shouldn't wait for tomorrow. And facing your fears... it's really just courage waiting to be opened.

Time for me to "Man Up!"

Or maybe I've ate so much air I've gone mo-cheese-mo. Either way, it's dam good to feel alive.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finding Seoul in Korea

Sometimes you have to travel half way around the world to find purpose.

The city is full and excited; the night is young, running away from the sunrise. But it will catch up, it always does. We dance as the music inhales the humid air. Then silence falls. Amidst the noise and smog, trees climb the sky. As sunrise overtakes the city lights, I find peace in the arms of wholesome proportions. Kind eyes and quiet lips, I sit still as if to pray. My thoughts reach my heart as if they are turning the same page for the first time in many moments. "Let go of the old," I hear. "You'll find what you're looking for." I could stay forever but I know sunrise is coming and I must go - reality becomes a sharp pencil that needs to draw the line. I look up at the sky because I know I've kept her there; Thanks for helping me turn the page.

Having a little Faith

Many of us our waiting for something good to happen in our lives. We think, "When I get this, I'll be able to achieve that..." so we wait... and wait. I've been a culprit of waiting for something good to happen to me my whole life; sometimes feeling I'm a victim instead of realizing my procrastination. There is a difference between having patience, knowing certain steps need to occur before the next, and simply not working hard enough and feeling it's beyond my reach. There's a difference between running the show and just plain running away.
I try not to be stupid but one thing I'm glad I'm stupid about is being not afraid to put it all on the line. Having a little Faith can push you through your most lamented fears. It's with Faith that you will stop waiting for things to happen and see that you can make it happen.
Faith comes in this world as small soul of a girl and see's you grin ear to ear as you watch her grow up; I'll see you smile. I've got Faith. My sister and family have Faith; I'm not afraid.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In all honesty sometimes it blows my mind that I get to be involved in creating some of the work we do. I work with such talented people that waking up for work is an easy task - even the dreaded Mondays.
In all honesty I also get scared that it is upon Ricardo and my shoulders to lead such a talented bunch. I do lose sleep when we have to make "hard" decisions to reduce costs which always seems to come in the form of layoffs. I want the people who work so hard here to grow a career here but I know at times objectives need to change to gain better footing.
In all honesty, I will do whatever it takes to build a studio filled with creation and scope. If we all have an understanding, we will have purpose. With purpose people, no matter what the position, will do their part for the greater sum. I will do my part as I know our guys do theirs.

Some of our latest spots

Friday, May 14, 2010

People, good people are always welcome in my life. And while I've met many, it's even better when a friendship blossoms. I haven't met a friend who hasn't gone through their own struggles and still have time to lend me their ears to hear my own and I the same. My friends give a source of strength and care all the while we shamelessly laugh at our own insecurities and falsehoods. We're not perfect and we have a good time knowing it.

I can't wait for more birthdays, it just gives me another year to make more friends.

"I do love this life."

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Whenever my birthday arrives, I always reflect on what I have in my life vs. what I want in life. I have to say, what I have in my life is pretty good. My work is challenging and our team pushes every day to do cool stuff. My family and friends care for me in a manner that makes me want to be a better person each day. And while I'm always learning, what I have to offer in my own life lessons has depth to make change to anyone who wants advice... And I'm always here to listen.

I was very lucky in my twenties and there's a piece in there that I'll always miss but it's good to know that I'm old enough to recognize that tomorrow is a new day.

Thanks to all my peeps,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've been lucky in life; I've traveled to many places and witnessed some incredible events - being at the Olympics in Vancouver will be a memory I won't soon forget. I've always been proud of our country and the people that make it so diverse. As Canadians we are always mindful of our differences and respect each others cultures and heritage. In a country full of many nationalities, hearing us all sing "O Canada" at the top of our lungs was something soulful to be apart of. I very much enjoy the human spirit and believe one person can make a difference... but having every person in this country cheering for the same thing, I can't help but think those people made a difference to me. The Olympics brought our country together and, while the world certainly heard, I think it was "us" that did most of the hearing.

Special thanks to my good friends Lida and Dave for hooking me up with tickets and a place to crash... you guys are aces.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Busted a gut when I saw this commercial. If only I smelt like this guy.