Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finding Seoul in Korea

Sometimes you have to travel half way around the world to find purpose.

The city is full and excited; the night is young, running away from the sunrise. But it will catch up, it always does. We dance as the music inhales the humid air. Then silence falls. Amidst the noise and smog, trees climb the sky. As sunrise overtakes the city lights, I find peace in the arms of wholesome proportions. Kind eyes and quiet lips, I sit still as if to pray. My thoughts reach my heart as if they are turning the same page for the first time in many moments. "Let go of the old," I hear. "You'll find what you're looking for." I could stay forever but I know sunrise is coming and I must go - reality becomes a sharp pencil that needs to draw the line. I look up at the sky because I know I've kept her there; Thanks for helping me turn the page.

Having a little Faith

Many of us our waiting for something good to happen in our lives. We think, "When I get this, I'll be able to achieve that..." so we wait... and wait. I've been a culprit of waiting for something good to happen to me my whole life; sometimes feeling I'm a victim instead of realizing my procrastination. There is a difference between having patience, knowing certain steps need to occur before the next, and simply not working hard enough and feeling it's beyond my reach. There's a difference between running the show and just plain running away.
I try not to be stupid but one thing I'm glad I'm stupid about is being not afraid to put it all on the line. Having a little Faith can push you through your most lamented fears. It's with Faith that you will stop waiting for things to happen and see that you can make it happen.
Faith comes in this world as small soul of a girl and see's you grin ear to ear as you watch her grow up; I'll see you smile. I've got Faith. My sister and family have Faith; I'm not afraid.