Friday, March 25, 2011

Stop watching Discovery and go look for yourself...

I'm not particularly religious but I've always wanted to see with my own eyes, touch with my own hands, the statue of Christ the Redemption as he stretches out his arm across the city of Rio. I wanted to feel him welcome these beautiful people of Brazil every morning and kiss them good night each sunset. The statue really could be anyone standing a top the mountain peak hugging the world and, indeed, when you arrive at Christ's feet, tourists and locals alike inevitably get a picture with them spreading out their arms sharing the city with the savior.
There are so many great things to see in this world and it's good to scratch this one off the list. There's a saying, "If you got an itch, itch it." If you want to see something in some far off land, go see it! You'll love yourself for it.