Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thank you Shirlyn.  He's always in my thoughts.

Remember the times.................

Remember the times we shared you and I ?
Growing up as kids, endless summers gone by?
The mischief the laughter, the countless banter,
all things to remember?

Remember the times, we talked forever,
dreams of being rich, and things we lusted for?
The schemes, the plans, we shared together?
My life, your life, hand in brother?

Remember the times, you spent with me
right from childhood into puberty?
Following every step of the way,
a phone call, a text, night and day, not far away?

Remember the times, everything I had, I shared with you?
My pains, my thoughts, my plans to push us through ?
Our life`s lessons, ups and downs,
Serious..yet having time to goof around?

Remember the times, how we talked about our future?
All the things we would love to capture?
Seeming as though life was forever,
hustling to make another dollar?

Remember the times we should have called it quits?
Especially when I first took sick?
Never thinking that life could end this quick?
Taking for granted the clock that ticks?

Remember the times, through many lectures,
I quoted only “family” matters?
The memories, the stories, the life I chose to live,
some things I which I could take back to give?

Life though short, comes with many lessons,
good and bad, many blessings!
It`s not the frivolous things that survive,
But how we choose to live our lives!
remembering all the good times………

To my bro....forever to remember!!
Love Ming your bro.....