Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Say Yes!

Hey Everyone,

Morgan Toomb's ginormous heart is doing a charity event to raise awareness for women living in the Ngong Hills slums (Kenya, Africa) who have HIV/AIDS. In the spirit of empowerment, genius Morgan and her posse (which includes the Lovely Lida) has come up with a cool scavenger hunt that's about unlocking your own personal liberations... it's called, "Just Say Yes." It's simple, you have people pledge something you want to unlock in your life and as you break barriers and reach achievements... you also raise money for the charity. It's like running 5km for Cancer - only it doesn't have to be about physical endurance but it can be about the emotional... Your Yes may be to break poor habits or tell your boss you want a raise (No one's getting a raise at HoC)... it's about doing something you always wanted to do but left on the back burner... Time to turn on the lights.

"Just Say Yes" let's people know what you've always wanted but to scared or busy to do... and they help you achieve it though awareness and your commitment. Download and print your free Just Say Yes BIB and sponsorship kit from (or pick a pledge package up from your friendly event organizers)
1) OR Donate to the cause! Can’t come to the event but want to get involved?

Donate online at

Or, mail a cheque to: Just Say YES! 280 Grace Street, Suite #1, Toronto, ON, M6G 3A6

2) OR Donate goods or services for our silent auction!

Contact Morgan @

AND If anything else... DJ Jerms is spinning at the latter half... So whether you can donate or come out to support, we can all get together and have a good night out.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Finding Ground

A day is filled with decisions, some with more gravity then others. In many respects, the future are the children of each decision we make - It starts small, a twinkle of a thought, a question mark in your head. Then it grows of discovery and finding limits but trying to be boundless. At some point a decision reaches adulthood, entering the real world. There's always a moment just before a decision is made that your emotions levels you, bringing you to the knees of consciousness as you get a handle of what is about to happen. When a decision becomes reality, I think people feel it's like jumping off a cliff, you can't go back. But the truth is, decisions is like snow fall; each snowflake colliding and changing, floating and gaining speed, drifting and finding path... eventually it all reaches the same place: the ground. A decision will always reach the ground regardless of where you land. And, I believe this to be true, you can always walk when your feet are on the ground.

So whatever your decision looks like or how it enters reality, finding ground doesn't mean you won't be able to change. It's from that very ground your decision landed on that you can always walk to a new decision, changing and following a new journey.

It can be hard to make decisions but it's always harder not having your feet to the ground.

Thank you MT for showing me this and so much more.