Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In all honesty sometimes it blows my mind that I get to be involved in creating some of the work we do. I work with such talented people that waking up for work is an easy task - even the dreaded Mondays.
In all honesty I also get scared that it is upon Ricardo and my shoulders to lead such a talented bunch. I do lose sleep when we have to make "hard" decisions to reduce costs which always seems to come in the form of layoffs. I want the people who work so hard here to grow a career here but I know at times objectives need to change to gain better footing.
In all honesty, I will do whatever it takes to build a studio filled with creation and scope. If we all have an understanding, we will have purpose. With purpose people, no matter what the position, will do their part for the greater sum. I will do my part as I know our guys do theirs.

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