Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've been lucky in life; I've traveled to many places and witnessed some incredible events - being at the Olympics in Vancouver will be a memory I won't soon forget. I've always been proud of our country and the people that make it so diverse. As Canadians we are always mindful of our differences and respect each others cultures and heritage. In a country full of many nationalities, hearing us all sing "O Canada" at the top of our lungs was something soulful to be apart of. I very much enjoy the human spirit and believe one person can make a difference... but having every person in this country cheering for the same thing, I can't help but think those people made a difference to me. The Olympics brought our country together and, while the world certainly heard, I think it was "us" that did most of the hearing.

Special thanks to my good friends Lida and Dave for hooking me up with tickets and a place to crash... you guys are aces.