Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ender Ming Kit Lui - I made this

And 40 weeks later, this pops out... 

When you're kid-less, it's hard to imagine taking care of anything or one but yourself.  Especially living in Toronto where "last call" symbolized when the night really began.  Living the urban life is a freedom to over consume, over indulge, over spend and take all the time you needed to recover, heal or save back up.  While I knew I wanted to have kids, I also had this feeling, or rather, fear that I would have to give up urban-hood.  I guess a city will do that to you... the excitement, the thrills, the sensory overload that we've all become accustomed to living in vibrant urbantopia.  I really milked the life experiences city life had to offer. 

And then Ender came along.  It started off with just a simple "+" sign on a pee stick, then a black and white flimsy paper of a little peanut head and twiggly legs.  Then, I noticed the million different stroller brands that passed by me on the streets, mall and intersections.  I couldn't stop reading prego books on "how your child is doing now at week..." It wasn't about "last call" it was about "The Call" when Rachelle was ready to go to the hospital.  Ender became my City... the excitement, the thrill, the sensory overload he gives me when I just sit and gaze at him.  Living life with Ender has been a freedom of purpose, providing and worth - and it hasn't been three weeks yet.  I really am going to milk the life experience Ender has to offer. 

Ender Ming Kit Lui, 7lbs,13ozs - 11/22/12