Thursday, May 08, 2014

Generation to Generation

My Pops landed here with nothing to his name except for the promise of a new start.  With my mom by his side they set out working in factories and learning what it means to be Canadian.  Being the ignorant first generation kid, I grew up at times wondering why we didn't have as much as others did. You don't learn about making a living as a kid, you just understand that you can't "afford" the things others have.  I told myself that I would be different, my life would be filed with the things I wanted. Instead of seeing my Pops working 2 jobs for much of my teenage years doing 11am-9pm shifts selling suits and then 10pm-4am at a chicken factory as something commendable and hardworking, I viewed it as none sensical and even shameful.  At the time I couldn't see the sacrifice and sense of duty he gave of himself.

My Pops lives his life respecting others, wanting everyone to laugh, always the last to leave and first to hold the door open to let you pass.  I could not imagine a better father; it's the same type of dad I want to be: encouraging, teaching self discipline, enduring hardship, being creative, being a family, being a decent human being.

Today I enjoy many of the things that didn't come so easy when I was growing up.  I wouldn't appreciate them as much if it wasn't for my dad showing me what hard work and selflessness can give to your soul - Now that's a life worth living.

Enjoy retirement Pops.