Tuesday, November 07, 2006


If you had to look at all the world’s art once in your life, you could probably come up with one word that describes a good portion of them: Despair.
For so many different reasons, a moment of despair gives artists great clarity in describing moments without words for even the greatest nouns and adjectives cannot suite art’s patronage.
Despair doesn’t necessarily describe unflavourable situations or sequences of events; it can be used to describe the greatest love or claming colour of flowers being puked out of a goddess like women.
I also think despair brings around the final will to change. That’s what a lot of art means to me when I look at specifics and then truck out to the overall work itself: Despair on the verge of change. It’s such a poignant feeling this way.

This photographic art called Puke is (ironically) from a good friend named Art. His photos are layered with hidden agenda’s and seeming ulterior motives. It’s never simple to understand and yet always simply photographed.

Check out more of his work at: www.arturczyzyk.com