Tuesday, October 14, 2014


For the longest time I use to think, "there's no time to waste." My life, love, my career, House of Cool... all of it couldn't move fast enough to catch up to my dreams.  I spend periods (long periods) wondering if life could ever match up with the over active imagination of grandeur I day dreamed of. Truth is: Life is Sweeter this way.  My energy, my persistence, the emotions life can endure, the happiness... Life is better if you're willing to go through the journey. 
If that's one thing I can teach you, Arielle, it's let life unfold and don't peg time as a crutch. Sometimes, not all, having an unpredictable life so long as you keep working towards a goal can be the most satisfying moments of your life.  Of course there are a few things you don't miss - like being there for friends and family, or opening the door for a stranger and helping out those in need.  But be patient with career and love - those happen over a life time and doesn't have to be discovered immediately.  I met your mom later in life and in truth, any earlier and we would not have made a connection as we did that has set us out on a journey that has been the best life has to offer.  

Have failures, make regrets, read, write, absorb and learn math along the way.  Play when you can and always work harder than you play.  Be patient with creation - the finish line isn't aways as clear as you think it to be.  Time is never a waste but don't spend too long in moments that drain your emotions.  Go on discoveries and be with the people that enrich your soul.

Be happy my little Downtown.  

Your Pops