Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three, Seven, Two

Sometimes it isn’t what life brings, it’s why it brings them.  When I was 34 I enjoyed/hated, loved/loathed serial dating and the excitement/loneliness it brought.  Some days I liked the freedom other days I played country singer writing the worlds saddest love songs.  As life happens, when you let it happen and least expect it, Elle pops into view.  One date, one moment - Sometimes that’s all you need.  I won’t describe the best moments in my life afterwards but know she moved in after 3 months and got preggers at 7.  In between there I lost a brother, which I look at my son now as the most beautiful gift he had a hand in divine making. 
In just over the 2 years that have past, life has charmed me for certain.  It got me thinking why life is the way it is.  Is our lives really one long film that destiny, determination and patient persistence unfold into the life you have finally been waiting for?  I‘m positive we’ll all have our moments to shine and shake the world around us to do great things.  But now I’m even more certain that choosing to live a life of giving and gratefulness while willingly to enjoy uncomfortable circumstances makes for opportunities and empowerment. 

A lot can happen in a little amount of time if you let it.