Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trivia Pursuit: WL - Hello RH.

I've been told that the things you care for most take time to grow and flourish - That it is through patience and sacrifice when you truly deserve the satisfaction of what you have long been seeking. And while I know this to be true of most everything I've been searching for, the world capsized when you walked in it.

My life's journey ended the instant I met you
- for moment's after,
reality escapes me and dreams carry me to my bed.
You are the light in my eyes,
You are all I need that carries me.

So present, I'm here - the elation of knowing a search is complete:
Inhale, exhale, inhale... can't believe its real.
- time is secondless,
while patience disappeared in a single kiss

Whatever happens from here
- will be as delicious as a jar of candies.