Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When a girl moves in… One surprise after another.

There should be no surprise when you go out with someone for so long that eventually you wind up living together. For a guy, the surprise comes in the form of newly found scented candles placed in seemingly random places other then the washroom. It’s the decorated picture frames of people whom you have never met before placed in the strategic places where a guy wants to leave his many TV and audio remotes, keys, and “stuff.” And it’s always a nice surprise to come home and find everything from pots and pans to all your hair care products moved and “organized” better so we can find things… I’m still trying to find where all my “organized” things are.
Finally, it’s the nicest surprise when you first move in with your boo and she catches you doing something you, in any other normal circumstances, would never show her.
A good example is this picture. While I believe that I have evolved as an individual from reading on the can to listening to a book on my IPOD, I realize the world might not be that advanced yet. “Surprise! Say Cheese!” says my girl.
Too bad I can’t find a candle in the washroom but if you look closely I can find her “feminine products.”— One more surprise for a guy, especially when you’re asked to buy some “Stayfree’s” at the store.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wedding Parties... you know you are getting old when your summers are spent attending bachelor parties, rehearsals and weddings. I had the pleasure of attending and honour in being apart of many weddings. This is one of my memorable ones... mostly because my face is not as red as all the other wedding pic's I have... When you’re from the EastEAST side, there is a terrible syndrome called the SRFS (Super Red-Faced Syndrome).
It comes upon the consumption of Mr. Al Cohol. I use to get busted sooo many times in high school with SRFS. My pops would see this red-ballooned faced kid whom once resembled his son and say, "You've been drinking (of course in a typical Chinese accent)." -- "Naw pops, just tanning..." YUP, caught red-faced many times.
The only remedy I have found for this syndrome is to drink yourself sober and then try getting intoxicated again. This should make you look like a regular drunk instead of a FOB (Fresh of the Boat) drunk. It works for me anyway. This is me with the SRFS. Can you tell who suffers from it and who doesn't?

This is my “shortie,” JLM. Her real name is Jodi-Lynn but in my initial evil efforts to “make her mine,” I came across many failed attempts so she became the short abbreviated elusive “J.L.M.” It has stuck ever since even though my sinister plot to make her mine ultimately succeeded.

While she is pretty in this picture, she is even more beautiful in real life. I think when you truly love someone, you always appreciate with delight all the moments shared in figuring the vines of life.

She is a constant observer of the human condition, sometimes tirelessly wondering “why she feels the way she does.” In turn, this process has made me a more conscious individual on my self- experiences.

Ironically we share the same birthdays which kind of sucks since I have to buy a present for someone else on my birthday. Most times though, I like to believe its fate and we were suppose to find one another amongst the 6.5 billion peeps inhabiting mother earth. "I like CHEESE..."

P.S. – I originally wanted to post a naked pic of her but then it would be I who will be wondering how I feel once I get put in the “dog house”

Can we have sex now??? Lol. No seriously, can we? =)