Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You know you are getting old when you try to make the number of your age seem cool.... like "the Dirty Thirties" or "Thirties the new twenties." Of course I'm a culprit of using all of these slogans but deep down inside, I'm happy getting older. So long as my body and brain don't feel old, the dates can pass by as fast as they want. I keep telling myself, "just keep learning, keep understanding, find ways to make it work, keep fit, and never stop loving humanity." Let others complex the situation so long as I can see where the foundation, root, and premise came from.
Take out the noise and just hear the sound.

JLM, Pricey and I are having our grand birthday celebrations on May 11th, Therapy Lounge located at 203 Richmond St. W @ 10:30 -- Cover is free under Wes.
250 of our closest friends will be there... so you better come!