Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Crazy Summer

As the city wakes up a little colder I couldn't help but look through my summer photos. It's been a busy year of renovations, loss in the family, addition of a niece, watching hockey at the Olympics in Van-city, drinking Caipirinha's in Sao Paulo, Brazil, talking about Ontario's Animation and VFX Industry in Seoul Korea... From cottage get-togethers to one of my best friends weddings to the late night weekends... And who can forget singing O'Canada at G20, this summer has been eventful.
From Sky diving to touching "double rainbows," to all white boat cruises and cruising around in the Camero, there's only a few things missing in my life: A Feature Film. The hockey, the tennis, The snowboarding, and the golf may keep me happy but producing a Feature is a dream... and who would we be if we didn't follow our dreams. COCO, here we come!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Falling 200kms/hr from 13000 ft. for over 50 seconds - Scratch that off my bucket list

There's always the dreaded "Moment of Truth" whenever you decide to chase a dream or face your fears. Sky diving was both a dream and a fear. It's not that I'm afraid of heights but its one of those things you say you'll do when you have time but never really ends up happening. I've got so many "I want to do when I have time," bucket list type of things. But reaching altitudes where oxygen masks are almost necessary and when you spread your arms, the air rushing against your body, that feeling of flying makes you realize chasing your dreams shouldn't wait for tomorrow. And facing your fears... it's really just courage waiting to be opened.

Time for me to "Man Up!"

Or maybe I've ate so much air I've gone mo-cheese-mo. Either way, it's dam good to feel alive.