Friday, January 12, 2007

Starting a new year always feels like spring for me... its a fresh start and all that was old and stale dissolves away, eclipsed by will and determination. The excitement of beginning something, the start of believing that "this year is MY year," the sense that things are changing for the better. Its like living in my condo totally forgetting I've got a balcony, opening the door and feeling a rush of fresh air cape the room. I step out side and realize how big the world is and how small my issues/strife truly are. It's funny how the New Year can feel like opening your front door and realizing there is so much more then the issues that I have made big in my life. Issues/problems/troubles... I'll leave you at the door thank you. Right now I'm ready to enjoy living life, rather then worrying about it.

Thanks to the New Year and hope you enjoy opening your door.

(pic's from the count down with JLM's friends - You cats are wicked! AND WE LOVE THE iMAC CAMERA)