Friday, October 27, 2006

Dove - Evolution Commercial

I love women... Love everything about them. Love how they smell, laugh, dance... Love how they smile, tease, and play head games. I'm glad I'm out of the dating game but it's always fun to watch a girl in action, choosing one of my friends as a formidable opponent, seducing him for another drink.
Through it all, women have created this external force to look like a hottie and men have complemented this movement by eating up every drip of eye-candy pleasure they can get.
To all my girlfriends... YOU'RE ALL SUPER HOTTIES, inside and out!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


With my GF gone to pursue her dreams on Broadway, I’ve got some time on my hands. I figure I’d better be constructive and try to work different parts of my brain so I thought back about all the things I wanted to do and one of them was to write a song. I guess now’s the time better then any. Don’t know if it makes a whole lot of sense and doesn’t have a repeating chorus like most songs but it’s music to me and I get to write about the one thing that comes most natural to me: JLM.

If I could sing or play a chord, I’d play this for you. This is ONE CHEEZY MOFO though so I actually probably wouldn’t… Maybe I’ll make it into a hip hop track or house anthem =)

Miss ya’ babes... now go kick some ass!
While You’re Gone

If it’s all the same with you, I’ll be right here
Clinching all my dreams, wishing you were near
Cause’ it’s how it began, eight years past then
Holding you with a kiss as we first held hands

So I pretend I’m a cloud, imagine I’m facing down
Suddenly the space between us is small, and it’s not bad at all
And while I don’t when… when I’ll see you again
I’ll let faith decide, giving my soul and my time

I’ve got dreams and you do to
You love me and I love you
Where we stand, I know I am
Baby, I’ll always want to be your man

I helped you pack, your shoes and clothes
Gave you a kiss and couldn’t let go
Tried to keep strong as you drove away
Hoping I said all the things I wanted to say

At home I’ve got a bunch of lines on a page
They don’t mean much—just lines on some paper
But each day when I think just how long
All lines make sense and turned to this song

Every night I go to this place
Where the sky is blue and it never rains.
In my mind the sun still shines,
Dream you beside me and you say your mine.

Remember how we danced the whole night through
You picked a star and I tried to kiss you
Remember it like yesterday
Still feel the same, day after day

I’ll wait for you when the night comes down
Writing the same song until the sun comes around
Dreams that I have of cloud and mist
Touch of your skin and kiss your lips

I’ll have these days back, come reality
All moments exist and you come back to me.
I wish you luck, your destiny clear
When you move through life, my spirit is here.

Whether you’re here or over there, it all the same to me
I can love you anywhere, this I’ll always believe
Distances hold no meanings, time can stand still
What our love has gone through, love has stronger will


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Longest-Losing Streak

I’ve been had.
I’ve been taken.
Conned and cheated.
I’ve been deceived,
Been used.
I’ve been lied to and dealt with.
I’ve been beaten,
Been caught.
Been burnt,
Been broken.
I’ve been just about any place no one wants to be.

But I’ll always stand up,
Keep fighting.
I’ll never stop believing,
Stop trying.
I won’t quit,
Won’t fear
Won’t lie down or
I’ll never leave,
Never stop pursuing.
I’ll always keep dreaming,
Keep imagining.
I'll never lose faith
And always have my spirit.
I can just about be any place I want to be
-Wes Lui

I’ve had the longest losing streak in the world; I’ve lost all my life. It may be even fair to say that life has dealt me blows that would make anyone want to give up. The sun doesn’t shine on many parts of my life right now, leaving it dry and tasteless.

But for one reason or another, I hit that one perfect golf swing that drops the ball 2 feet from the cup or score that deaked out goal in a beer league hockey game that gives me the slightest sliver of hope… not much, just enough to tough it out.
It’s the thought of the how and the when that keeps me fighting. Thoughts like how I will change today to be a better person… I remind myself each morning as the cold shower beads off my face trying to make me feel new.
It’s the when I will see JLM again that triggers the slightest momentum for me to think, “I can do this.”

I may have lost a lot and will in deed lose a lot more battles but I can’t help but believe one day I’ll win, its only a matter of when – and for me the when is always soon… and while the soon maybe tomorrow or twenty years from now – I have to believe that soon is better then never.

I may have been just about any place that no one wants to be… but I know my spirit and my soul is in the right place and that trumps any losing streak.

"Sometimes I think life is just around the corner, waiting for me to use it... So why am I standing here. Life can be spend standing but it feels so much better when your moving. Change your perspective, change your mind." -- Is it bad that I always talk to myself?

This usually gets my ass in gear. Never stop using your imagination and eventually it will help you create a better place. Can't lose forever.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Keaira on Vimeo
Chinese parents generally want three things before they croak:
1) Successful children that grow up to be either a doctor, lawyer, engineer (Computer preferred) or businessman - Don't know where art fits in.
2) Want their offspring to take care of them when they get grey and old,
3) And all have an internal clock that says, “hey, give me some grandkids.”
I think achieving two of the three is attainable in my lifetime but if I ever get all three… I'd be the Michael Jordan of asian persuasion in my parents eyes.

My sister is definitely one up on me. With the newest addition of Keaira Lui, my parents can rest easy that one of us is on the ball. More importantly, she has temporarily deflected the “when are you going to get married?” and “your grandma wants to be another great grandma…” I guess Special K has already begun helpin’ her one (and only) uncle… Although every Chinese male you meet is always called uncle for some reason or another.

My parents are grandparents and my niece is a half Caucasian half Chinese Mormon baby… What’d I miss? Somewhere between trying to find matching socks in the laundry to figuring our what the hell coriander is at the grocery store… all this stuff happened. It’s ironic living life constantly thinking about things you want to do or become but never pondering about what is changing around you.

We all know how fast time can fly by so it’s important to catch even a glimpse of the most insignificant moments cause’ in the end, every moment adds up to a lifetime of something… So I guess I better make that lifetime a good one.

Keaira: Welcome to the world!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Following a dream almost always results in leaving someone you love behind. The parents who wished they could have their baby girl back for just one more day, the bonds of friendship stretching to its full elasticity, or the love that had to stay back. Pursing a dream can be heartbreaking and yet sometimes it is the only way we know we are alive. My dad once told me when there is pain that is when you know you are working hard. Sometimes without bitterness do you really know what honey tastes like. I’ve always reminded myself in order to truly enjoy being rich; you have to understand what it’s like to be poor… Too bad I experienced the latter much longer then the predecessor. Luckily I am never short of dreams… Neither is my broad…

Knowing how dreams can consume and still chasing a few of my own, I’m proud to be a part of your life JLM. And while I’m that guy that had to stay back the wind will always feel beneath me when I think of you… never moving me from place to place: I’ll always be here.

Baby, good luck on Broadway and kick ass in New York!