Friday, December 09, 2011

Around this time of year, when we send out a new Holiday card, Ricardo and I always look back at Christmas cards from past and can't help but be thankful for what House of Cool has brought us. With so many great individuals we have worked with, the creatives each artists strive for and the "always be better" attitude all of us instill, we appreciate every artists and staff that come through the studio's door.

In thanking for the past, we always catch each other dreaming BIG about the future. There is so much talent in this city and our province. We see so much opportunity and advantages. With our team, we'll strive to always pursue those big dreams and create the best work the industry will be proud of.

Happy Holidays to our industry and our amazing clients.

Ricardo and Wes

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I've been fortunate to be apart of CASO, meeting many studio owners and seeing their studios in action developing and producing world class work. Being an owner of a studio isn't always the easiest but it's the staff that make every studio meaningful and creative. With big thanks to Allan and Athena over at Soho VFX, we're working with studios around Ontario to throw the first ever Holiday Industry Party. It's gonna be a blast and we hope to see many of you there.

Check out:

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thanks to Jay, The House of Cool Team is officially signed up for Movember! All the dudes will grow their stashes and all the ladies will continue to shave their legs and armpits.

If you would like to support us you can donate to our team through this link:

You can even go old school and write a cheque payable to “Movember Canada”, reference "Wes Lui" and Registration Number 2201574 and send it to: Movember Canada, 119 Spadina Avenue, PO Box 65, Toronto, ON M5T 2T2

All donations are tax deductible.

At the end of the month, the crew will vote on who's stash looks the best - I can already tell you, the chinese guy will finish in last place.

Here are a few pictures of what the boyz have growing on.

Down with Prostate Cancer. Start Trending #DWPC!

Down with Prostate Cancer. Start Trending #DWPC!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CASO Members receive a special discount on X-Summit tickets. For the full schedule and to register, visit:

Use Discount Code: XS20CASO
Recieve 20 percent off member and regular rates. (A huge value on member rates!) This will be in effect until Friday Oct 14.

X-Summit, co-produced by CASO and Interactive Ontario (IO), will kick off the evening of October 24 and take place October 25-26 at The Carlu in Toronto. X-Summit explores emerging opportunities where broadcast and interactive platforms converge. CASO and IO Members receive a special discount, and can receive the Early Bird rate until Friday Sept 30th. For the full schedule and to register, visit:

Featured Speakers:

Jonas Eneroth, Managing Partner, ProCloud Media which has launched Paramount Pictures' War of the Worlds and Star Trek. Executive Producer of Eidos' multi-award winning Deus Ex, Hitman and Timesplitters franchises.

John Kavanagh, SVP of Video Games, Paramount Pictures, designed, developed and licensed interactive games and technology to leading gaming companies including Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Apple, Commodore

Vince Gerardis, Co-Executive Producer, HBO's hit series Game of Thrones

Nathan Mayfield, CCO of Hoodlum, producers of award-winning transmedia campaigns for ABC's FlashForward and Lost, Pascal Langlois, Ethan Mars in the award-winning Heavy Rain & founder of Motives in Movement

Featured Sessions:

Cross-Media Synergy
When developing IP that has TV as a key foundation, is it best to develop the TV series first or the cross-platform plans/world building first? This session delves into whether a synergy exists in producing a TV show and an online plan at the same time.
Featuring: Ken Faier, El Presidente, Nerd Corps. Entertainment

Character Crossing: Developing Multi-Platform Characters
Drawing on examples from TV, animation, video games, and toys, this workshop will dive into key elements that will help a property and its characters move successfully between platforms.
Featuring: Leah Hoyer, Creative Producer, Levity Entertainment Group

The Green Light Series: Investor Round Table
This session will cover the fundamentals of cross-media monetization strategies. Martin Soltys works with entrepreneurs, producers, writers, directors and designers (of video game, mobile & web applications) to create and develop transmedia storytelling methodology and techniques, with the goal of delivering enhanced entertainment experiences for audiences, viewers, users and players of all ages and cultures.
Featuring: Martin Soltys, Founder and CEO, TransMedia Entertainment Corp.

Monday, October 03, 2011

This vid was passed around at the studio - liked it so much that I had to post. Check it out: Great Track, sick moves

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trivia Pursuit: WL - Hello RH.

I've been told that the things you care for most take time to grow and flourish - That it is through patience and sacrifice when you truly deserve the satisfaction of what you have long been seeking. And while I know this to be true of most everything I've been searching for, the world capsized when you walked in it.

My life's journey ended the instant I met you
- for moment's after,
reality escapes me and dreams carry me to my bed.
You are the light in my eyes,
You are all I need that carries me.

So present, I'm here - the elation of knowing a search is complete:
Inhale, exhale, inhale... can't believe its real.
- time is secondless,
while patience disappeared in a single kiss

Whatever happens from here
- will be as delicious as a jar of candies.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Say Yes!

Hey Everyone,

Morgan Toomb's ginormous heart is doing a charity event to raise awareness for women living in the Ngong Hills slums (Kenya, Africa) who have HIV/AIDS. In the spirit of empowerment, genius Morgan and her posse (which includes the Lovely Lida) has come up with a cool scavenger hunt that's about unlocking your own personal liberations... it's called, "Just Say Yes." It's simple, you have people pledge something you want to unlock in your life and as you break barriers and reach achievements... you also raise money for the charity. It's like running 5km for Cancer - only it doesn't have to be about physical endurance but it can be about the emotional... Your Yes may be to break poor habits or tell your boss you want a raise (No one's getting a raise at HoC)... it's about doing something you always wanted to do but left on the back burner... Time to turn on the lights.

"Just Say Yes" let's people know what you've always wanted but to scared or busy to do... and they help you achieve it though awareness and your commitment. Download and print your free Just Say Yes BIB and sponsorship kit from (or pick a pledge package up from your friendly event organizers)
1) OR Donate to the cause! Can’t come to the event but want to get involved?

Donate online at

Or, mail a cheque to: Just Say YES! 280 Grace Street, Suite #1, Toronto, ON, M6G 3A6

2) OR Donate goods or services for our silent auction!

Contact Morgan @

AND If anything else... DJ Jerms is spinning at the latter half... So whether you can donate or come out to support, we can all get together and have a good night out.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Finding Ground

A day is filled with decisions, some with more gravity then others. In many respects, the future are the children of each decision we make - It starts small, a twinkle of a thought, a question mark in your head. Then it grows of discovery and finding limits but trying to be boundless. At some point a decision reaches adulthood, entering the real world. There's always a moment just before a decision is made that your emotions levels you, bringing you to the knees of consciousness as you get a handle of what is about to happen. When a decision becomes reality, I think people feel it's like jumping off a cliff, you can't go back. But the truth is, decisions is like snow fall; each snowflake colliding and changing, floating and gaining speed, drifting and finding path... eventually it all reaches the same place: the ground. A decision will always reach the ground regardless of where you land. And, I believe this to be true, you can always walk when your feet are on the ground.

So whatever your decision looks like or how it enters reality, finding ground doesn't mean you won't be able to change. It's from that very ground your decision landed on that you can always walk to a new decision, changing and following a new journey.

It can be hard to make decisions but it's always harder not having your feet to the ground.

Thank you MT for showing me this and so much more.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Bday Brady Bunches of Banana-ness Party - Everyone Welcome!

Date: Friday May 6th, 2011
Location: Faces Nightclub
Addy: 224 Richmond St. W

Mention: Ryan, Mike, Demetri, TJ, Wes party
Cover: It's either going to be FREE, $5 or $10 pending on when you get there.... All peeps should be there before 11:00, fashionably late 11:30, Frick I can't get in 12:30 (Don't be that dude that calls me to come out and get you!)

A birthday is like the start of a new year; I habitually re-evaluate my past, make or stick to resolutions to my Year Up goals, and laugh at myself for all the follies I've made til this point. I think there's an age where you put so much pressure on yourself that you end up mocking yourself for not enjoying the moments that make up your character. For me, it's been these past couple of years. It's the chances to use what I've learned, the knowledge gained, and make a difference in this world - to entertain kids and their families. I'm not getting any younger so let's do this!

See you at the party!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Stop watching Discovery and go look for yourself...

I'm not particularly religious but I've always wanted to see with my own eyes, touch with my own hands, the statue of Christ the Redemption as he stretches out his arm across the city of Rio. I wanted to feel him welcome these beautiful people of Brazil every morning and kiss them good night each sunset. The statue really could be anyone standing a top the mountain peak hugging the world and, indeed, when you arrive at Christ's feet, tourists and locals alike inevitably get a picture with them spreading out their arms sharing the city with the savior.
There are so many great things to see in this world and it's good to scratch this one off the list. There's a saying, "If you got an itch, itch it." If you want to see something in some far off land, go see it! You'll love yourself for it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It Doesn't Get Better

There are moments you wait for - The kind when you don't need to hear a single thing to understand. It's luminescence breaking the night drowning deep shadows as it starts time as if born again. It all reaches me and I can't help but surrender. Everything is quiet and still. I wait as you face me eye to eye knowingly in a few brief moments, you'll shine above - This is when I know... The day was made for me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thought this was pretty funny - A conversation between Trinity (Ryan's GF and Arun's pop - setting: summer cottage, everyone's favourite, Gary Owen.


"Anne and I were recollecting a funny conversation my Dad and Trinity had at the cottage:

Trinity - Men in this day and age should split child rearing 50/50 with women and help out more at home.

Daddy Kanagasabapathy - (in heavy thick Indian accent) I fully and wholeheartedly agree. Especially when women are on their menstural period. During this time they are most unclean and should not touch the children.

Laurence, Anne and Ryan [laughing their asses off in the backGround, while Trinity is just shocked at my Dad. Meanwhile Jarrod and Arun are confused and sipping on salty Gatorade to help restore cognative ability]

Such fun times!!!!"

Can't wait for summer cottage 2011!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A few months back, the amazing Electric Playground people did an interview on our studio and the Co-Co Feature we are producing. As an added benefit, they let me do a spot on one of my favourite movies of last year. Check it out: I'm definitely not host material and they definitely made it look good. Special Thanks to Darcy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

From one place to the next... The world moves even when you're standing still

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a Banana (or a Twinky depending on which day you catch my pops). I can understand Chinese/Cantonese but I really can't speak a lick of it. A CBC (Canadian Born Chinese): yellow on the outside, white on the inside, hockey playing, milk drinking cottage loving Asian.

So it's tough when you go back to where your parents first met, where "it" all began and not be able to order Chinese food... well, we call it food.
Hong Kong is a city of shopping, people, shopping, and people. Buildings etched into mountains as if born from its stomach. The crowds of black dots clambering and climbing over top of one another as concrete clouds hover over them. "Look left," paint the streets as a reminder of shoveling cabbies pass by grandfathered British Colony roads. "How can they shift gears with their left hand?" I ponder as another street filled with people and 1000-watt light signs overtake my last thoughts.
Every where I explore I can't help but think my mom and dad might have walked these same streets, holding hands at this park or eating mystery meat at this dive of a restaurant. How life would have been so different if they didn't jump ship. Looking from the city where your parents began their journey brings a history to the pavements that makes each breath still and quiet. My life began before I was born.
When you think you see reality, look a little deeper