Friday, September 15, 2006

(Ricardo is currently the Head of Story on Horton Hears A Who @ Blue Sky Studios – Robots and Ice Age 1&2)

Talent & The Passion I Never Had

Throughout my career(s) in… well, in trying to find a career. I’ve been lucky to work with highly exceptional people. It’s almost been divine intervention to land in the presence of talented friends, co-workers, business executives, entrepreneurs, and even boss’. Now I know anyone can treat any benign situation as extraordinary so long as they treat it as fate. And indeed, I continually imagine my life as a journeyed universe where fate is my stars scattered throughout, making my space bright and gleaming.

But the people that cross my path truly live up to the high standards set in their respected fields. I have friends and co-workers, including JLM, that move emotion and strike the human condition with every performance or artistic rendition. I’ve personally worked with business executives and entrepreneurs that have created publicly traded companies; or started with a single dream and now have employees that can buy homes and live a valuable career. And I’ve had great leaders to be my mentor forging me with spirit and experience.

In truth, I've searched hard for a natural talent and failed more times then necessary; it just wasn’t in my stars I guess. But it's friends like Ricardo, who is probably the most gifted in his field out of all my blessed friends that I feel fate is on my side. I’ve had a bad habit of leaving when the going starts to get good but not this time. House of Cool is one of those stars where a galaxy is born; and just like that, gravity is holding me in place.

I guess that’s the passion I never had… Maybe that’s where talent begins... Now if fate could just help put food on the table. =)