Thursday, May 03, 2012

Grabbing Momentum

It's been a long time since I wrote - I guess it takes time to get life back on track. But that's the good thing, it eventually always does so long as you let it. I had a dream yesterday. I was a hockey coach and our team had lost momentum. No one was following the plans set out and we were losing all the battles. My players were deflated and lacked motivation. In my dream, in desperation, I told each player to do one thing they were known for on their next shift. If you were meant to hit and be a grinder, focus on that one small task. If you were a score or play maker, make sure you get one shot on the next shift. Each player picked one talent they excelled in amongst a gambit of skills required to play hockey and just did that one thing right on their next shift. From that, momentum built and players felt more confident, I felt more confident. From one good skill turned into a host of capabilities that we all achieved together. 

Pretty serious dream I guess. But I think that's the secret. When things are not going as planned and all hell seems to be breaking loose, pick one thing you are sure of and focus on that; win that battle and eventually you'll win the day.  I think it's all about rhythm and find the right cords that bring back each situation into your desired outcome.

In my line of work, my career depends on problem solving and gaining momentum to quickly overcome the tougher times in a business life cycle. If a solution doesn't come quickly like a writer having writer's block, I'll try to be that coach in my dream and encourage utilizing known skills of a talent before venturing into more difficult assignments as a team/company.  Find some rhythm and eventually piece by piece, you'll have a song.

Elle sent this to me today... Only fitting. Ma Blonde.

             '-To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'

Picture of my newest niece - Too young to feel deflated but when she is, I'll know what to say.

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Sahle Robinson said... did your dream team win?
very inspirational, Wes. the same message of just doing what you're good at has been coming to me a lot lately.

great post. cheers.