Thursday, May 02, 2013

It's bday time again... Come out!

Peeps and hotties,

Fatherhood has it's benefits: parking in "new mother" parking spots at the mall, women opening doors for you (for once) with a smile, being pushed ahead of the line at checkout and, of course, watching this doughy kid smile as he re-discovers 100 times a day the miracle of jamming anything and everything in his mouth.  
Yup, it's good to be a dad.  But there is one thing every newly urban parent wishes to still have: The Freedom to Dance you pants off at the bars.  
So while I have certainly tightened it up a notch on the belt of responsibility, I have decided to toonie coat check the kid at the club and hope to see as many of my peeps and hotties at Everleigh (old Century Room), May 11th.  Booze, booth, and new kicks to hit the D-floor.  

So FB, twitter, fwd email, four square, blog, myspace, physical letter, pigeon... whatever.  Send out the word: Wes is taking the city back for a night!  

Luv ya' all,

Oh, Don't forget to wish Rachelle Happy Mothers day when it hits 12:00am that night!  

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