Monday, December 02, 2013

A First

 A First for anything is always the most remembered… except when you’re turning One.  The excitement of presents, the people, all the kisses and cake – a day when singing and candles suddenly, if not magically, come alive with all the faces brimming at you.  It’s a shame that he’ll never remember the love and attention given that day; but his parents will.  A first birthday is a milestone.  No longer counting by months by but a digit; a start of many sorts.  The number One is really the first recognized value of a string of many values to come.  No one considers Zero as a beginning.  In fact, many probably consider it as an end. We have so much to value in the years to come - Everything of value to me: my friends, my family, my love and now my Number 1.  I'm a fan to all and many but Little E, you're my boy - My First.
Congrats my little man for turning 1.  It was a great party (Your parents always throw great party’s) – You’ll have many people in your life to make incredible lasting friends with.  Just remember, it’s not how much time you spend with your friends it’s what you do in those moments with them that make life worth exploring. 

Go find all your firsts, stay true to your values.